1. These terms and conditions apply to the 'Online Statement Offer' (the 'Offer'). By participating in this Offer, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

2. 'Barclays' means Barclays Bank PLC.

Who can participate?

3. Subject to condition 4, you can participate in the Offer if you're an existing Barclays sole personal current account customer who has registered for Online Banking and has received this Offer directly from Barclays.

4. You cannot participate in this Offer if:
a) Your account has third party access or power of attorney assigned to it; or
b) You are an employee of Barclays or any company in the Barclays group

How to participate

5. You can participate in the Offer for a limited time, from 6 February 2014 until 5 March 2014 (the 'Offer Period').

6. After being invited by Barclays to participate, you can opt in by selecting the link in the email or selecting 'Account Services' from the top blue navigation bar of Online Banking, then selecting ‘Change contact details’ and selecting 'email' under letter preferences before the closing date included in the Offer.

7. Once you choose the ‘email letter’ option, Barclays will stop sending you paper letters. Instead, you will get these in your email inbox.

8. If you successfully register for email letter under this Offer, you will get a reward of £5 ('Offer Amount') which will be paid into your account within 14 working days of registration. You will not be entitled to receive the Offer Amount if:
a) you breach any of the terms of the Offer
b) you close your Barclays account before the payment can be made

9.If you would like to receive your letters in another format (for example Braille or paper), you can select the format you want at any time.

Other conditions

10. Only one payment per customer will be made.

11. We will use your registered email address to correspond with you (please ensure your contact details in Online Banking are up to date). If we do not hold a valid email address for you, we will write to you.

12. There may be times when we can’t use email and have to send letters by post.

13. This Offer is not transferable to another person.

14. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other online statement or email letter offer.

15. Barclays reserves the right to withdraw the availability of this Offer at any time without notice.