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Supporting you through Brexit

Helping you to prepare for the end of the transition period

The Brexit transition period – during which the UK has continued to follow many of the EU’s rules and regulations – is due to end on December 31, 2020. To help you to understand what this could mean for you and your finances, we’ve brought together a wide range of information detailing what might change and how it could affect you.

To keep you fully informed, we’ll update the resources available on these pages as more details become available.

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What to do if your account will be closed soon

Brexit and the EEA

If you have an address outside the UK, but within the European Economic Area (EEA), you may face changes to your banking and investment products and services in the future.

How do I close an account with you?

The steps you need to take will depend on the type of account you want to close.

Reclaiming your money if your address is in the EEA

If we’ve written to you to let you know we’re closing your savings or current account because you have an address in the European Economic Area (EEA), you should now make alternative banking arrangements, withdraw any money in your account and close it.

How we can help you and your business

Brexit resources

Articles, tips and links to help you get ready for whatever happens.

Preparing for change

Business planning for the end of the Brexit transition period.

Brexit Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers are correct at the time of writing but things may change, so always look out for the most up-to-date information.

Wealth planning in times of uncertainty

Brexit is expected to have implications for wealth planning, but understanding the challenges posed by volatile markets can help you prepare.

Word on the Street

Go behind the headlines to get the latest insights and analysis from our investment experts.


Expert views and the latest news

Expert investments insights to help you preserve and grow your wealth to reach your financial objectives.


Consumption to the rescue… so far

How long will the market rally last?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the recent rally in stock markets and the latest changes in portfolio positioning.

Structure your wealth

A window of opportunity to structure your wealth tax efficiently

As the Chancellor has cancelled the Budget, there is a window of opportunity for investors to structure their wealth tax efficiently before the highly predicted tax rises.

Below, Anthony Ward, head of our Wealth Planning team, shares his views on potential future tax rises.