Preparing for Brexit

Planning for when the UK leaves the EU

We’ve collected information that could help you plan for our exit from the EU, to ease the uncertainty that comes with it.

We want to make sure you can carry on doing your banking smoothly. To keep you fully informed, we’ll update the information and resources available here as and when we get firm details that may affect you or your accounts with us.

Find out what Brexit means for you and your finances

Community by the water

Q&A on Brexit and your finances

Find out what Brexit could mean for your travel plans, investments and property with this summary of some of the key points.

Front door of house

House prices, holidays and investments – your Brexit guide

From holiday healthcare to sending money overseas, we’ve provided answers to some key questions you may have about the impact of Brexit on your finances.

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What could Brexit mean for you and your business?

Read our tips on how your business could be impacted by Brexit and how we could support.

How we can help you and your business

Brexit resources

Articles, tips and links to help you get ready for whatever happens.

Brexit and the EEA

Changes that could affect your accounts

If you have an address outside the UK, but within the European Economic Area (EEA), you may face changes to your banking and investment products and services in the future.

Brexit Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers are correct at the time of writing but things may change, so always look out for the most up-to-date information.

Wealth planning in times of uncertainty

Brexit is expected to have implications for wealth planning, but understanding the challenges posed by volatile markets can help you prepare.

A lot of noise

Tune out the clamour and staying focused on investments

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about market performance, impeachment proceedings in the US, the continuing US-China trade war, Brexit uncertainty, and the upcoming general election in the UK.

Harnessing the benefits of productivity

How close are we to deals in trade wars and Brexit?

Our Chief Investment Officer talks about trade wars, Brexit, and the likelihood of a recession.

Europe and the euro

Past, present and future

We explore what the past and present of Europe and the euro might tell us about its future.