Brexit resources

Doing what we can to help you prepare

Articles, tips and links to help you get ready for when the UK leaves the EU.

We’ll update this information as and when we get firm details. We want to help you prepare, whatever the outcome.

From our roots in 1690, we’ve used our experience, expertise and resilience to help the people who bank with us weather all manner of challenges, uncertainty and opportunities. Brexit is no different.

That’s why we’ve collected information on a wide range of topics to help you feel more confident about the future. Whether you’re looking to create a budget for your spending, planning a holiday or thinking of buying a home, there’s something that could be helpful.

Managing your day-to-day finances

Tips to help you keep things ticking over.

Money management

Keeping track of your money

If you’re worried about your financial situation, we’re here to help.

Managing your money

Simple ways to manage your money

From tracking how much you’re spending to saving for the future, we’ve got the tools, support and guidance to make managing your money easy.

14 top saving tips

Simple hacks to boost your bank account

Reboot, recharge and get your finances into shape. We’ve put together fourteen personal finance hacks – savvy shortcuts to bolster your bank balance1.

How to consolidate your debt

All your debts in one manageable loan

If you’ve borrowed from different lenders, a debt consolidation loan could help you take control of your finances and keep track of your money.

Loans are subject to status. Early settlement fees apply.

Travelling abroad

Planning a trip, travel money and insurance.

Travelling abroad

Planning a trip?

Get offers from selected retailers, plus insurance policies, to help you enjoy your travels.

Foreign currency

Bureau de change

Get your travel money with ease. Choose quick, free home delivery in the UK – or collect from one of our branches.

Using your debit card abroad

A secure and convenient way to pay when you’re away

Using your debit card is an easy way to withdraw cash and make purchases – wherever you are.


Improving your home, moving or investing.

First-time home buyers

Start the journey to your first home

Find out how to buy a home and take out a mortgage, get tips on what to do if you can’t save the deposit you need and work out much you could borrow.

Improving your home

For the home you’ve always wanted, we could help

From a new bedroom for your newborn to a patio for summer, we could help make your home your special place.

Remortgage guides

How remortgaging works

Find out why moving your mortgage to us from your current lender could be right for you – and how the remortgaging process works.


How to buy to let

How to buy to let

Practical tips for aspiring landlords

What to consider before you buy a buy-to-let property or expand your portfolio – from property types and location to getting the right mortgage.

Other tools that might help

Stay in control of your money.

Budget calculator

Plan out your repayments

It’s important to be sure repayments will fit in with your other monthly commitments.


We’ve prepared this budget planner to help you see what you can afford.

Barclays Finance Manager

Helping you to manage your money more effectively

Set up goals and get regular updates to help keep you on track – plus you can use our savings calculator to see how much you could save. 

Barclays Mobile Banking app

Manage your money where and when it suits you

Check your balance, send money and earn rewards on your mobile phone with the Barclays Mobile Banking app2.


Keep track of your cash with alerts

Stay on top of your money – alerts are a great way to keep on top of your personal and business finances.