Start-up business account

Spend more time on your business

Our start-up business accounts come with tools and support to help your new business thrive. 

  1. Free invoicing and account software from FreshBooks1, worth more than £260 per year

  2. Simple and secure Online Banking with group payments and cash collection booking tools 

  3. A UK-based team of business managers to help you manage and grow your business 

  4. Specialist advice from our international team of high-growth and entrepreneurial experts

  5. Free digital banking for the first 12 months2

Banking with a personal touch

Woman sitting at computer.

Advice for every day and beyond

We’re here to help with your day-to-day banking, while our UK-based team of business managers3 are on hand to offer advice for your growing business. They can assist your strategy, planning and cashflow to help with lending and trading abroad.

Man working at desk.

Insights to help your business grow

If you’re just getting started, our guides can help you with everything from business planning to cashflow forecasting.

Woman in shop.

Support wherever your business takes you

You can’t always predict where your new business will take you. That’s why we connect you to our accredited international team and high-growth and entrepreneur experts, who can help you adapt to change and respond to opportunities.

Barclays Business Account

Free digital banking for 12 months4

Enjoy no monthly account fees for the first 12 months, then pay £8.50 each month after that with one simple tariff. Businesses with existing Barclays business current accounts aren't eligible for this offer.

Description Charge

Per month (first 12 months)

Businesses with existing Barclays business current accounts aren't eligible for this offer.

Per month (after 12 months) £8.50

Standard transactions

Description Charge
Simple electronic payments including Faster Payments, Direct Debits and standing orders


Monthly fair usage policy of 500 free simple electronic payments applies. Additional simple electronic payments cost 35p each.

Debit card payments Free
Cash out – ATM/Post Office/self-service device Free

Cash in – Post Office/Barclays Collect/self-service device

Additional Barclays Collect charges may apply.

60p per £100
Cheques in – Barclays app/self-service device  60p each
Cheques out 60p each

For more details on transaction fees and tariffs, including transactions made at the branch counter, visit our rates and charges page.

Business banking on the move

Phone spending device graphic
  • Make payments and pay in cheques

Make third-party and international payments on the go using our app5. You can also pay in cheques without visiting a branch – just take a picture of your cheque and let us know the amount. You’ll usually get your money the next working day.

Phone spending device graphic
  • Log in the easy way

Forgotten your card reader and need to access your Online Banking? Mobile PINsentry in the Barclays app lets you log in to Online Banking without a card reader or debit card.

Apply online for a new business account or to switch your account

When you apply, you’ll need to give us some basic information. You can find the guide to what we need at UK Finance, the UK’s leading trade association for financial services.

Woman looking at phone

Apply in the Barclays app

You can apply in our app if you’re over 18, a UK resident and a sole trader or the director of a limited company.

If you’re a limited company, you’ll also need to have a maximum of 10 directors, shareholders or company secretaries – including yourself. All of these must be individual people, not other businesses.

Have you been asked to use Barclays Verify?

Find out how to verify your identity with the Barclays app.

Frequently asked questions