Cashflow finance

Cashflow finance

Stay in control with cashflow finance

Cashflow finance suits lots of businesses looking for more than just an overdraft including manufacturers, wholesalers, transport firms, employment agencies and business services providers.

Key features and benefits

Up to 90% of your invoice value

Get up to 90% of the value of your approved invoices – usually more than traditional overdrafts offer. As your sales increase, so does the cash available to you, in multiple currencies.


Your customers won’t know about your arrangement with us. You’ll still be responsible for your credit control and collections.

Fast and easy online access

Access your sales ledger status and electronic payment requests online. Funds can be sent against new invoices within 24 hours.

Bad-debt protection available

We can also provide built-in bad-debt protection, depending on our assessment of your debtors.

Which businesses can use this service?

For your business to use cashflow finance, it should

  • Be forecasting credit sales of at least £500,000 a year
  • Have a track record of reasonable profitability
  • Have a range of debtors
  • Sell goods or services on normal credit terms with no stage payments or contractual sales
  • Have a computerised control system, with effective credit management

This product is available to clients of Barclays Bank UK PLC through referral to Barclays Bank PLC. Referred products will be owned and administered by Barclays Bank PLC. A portion of the revenue generated from referred products may be shared with Barclays UK PLC. Alternative service providers in the market may offer similar products.

Ready to apply or want to find out more?

Call us

To find out more, or if you want to apply for cashflow finance, call us on 0800 015 8353 1.

Looking for an overdraft? Give us a call on 0345 605 2345 2.

More ways to borrow

Business credit and charge cards

Business credit and charge cards

Manage cashflow with a credit or charge card

Choose a Barclaycard to suit your business – credit cards for flexible borrowing or charge cards if you pay the balance off each month3.

  • A choice of credit cards or charge cards
  • Introductory offers available
  • Extras including enhanced travel insurance and foreign exchange savings
Business overdrafts

Business overdrafts

A flexible overdraft that moves with your business demands

An overdraft could help you deal with seasonal trends and short-term cashflow challenges. Borrow up to £50,000 unsecured – the money could be available to you in days.


Business loans

Help boost your business with secured or unsecured loans

If it’s right for your business, you could borrow up to £100,000 unsecured – ideal if you’re looking to expand, invest in your business, or borrow working capital. Secured loans are also available over £25,000.

SmartBusiness Insights

SmartBusiness Insights gives you a clearer picture of business performance. See money coming in, where you’re spending and identify key trends.

Business Insights

Information and advice to help your business going forward

We’ve put together a wide range of knowledge and insight for you – read up on plans, financial support, media and marketing and much more.