Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Get your business off the ground

Find out if your business is eligible for the government scheme designed to help viable businesses that have inadequate security.

Key features and benefits

Businesses can use a loan through the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme for a range of needs, from buying assets to providing funding for working capital subject to certain restrictions. The loan is partially guaranteed by the government but you’re still liable for 100% of the facility1.

Loans up to £1.2 million

You can apply for any sum of loan between £25,001 up to £1,200,000.

Flexible terms available

Spread repayments of your loan from 1 to 10 years2.

Fixed or variable rate

Fixed interest rates available from 1-10 years3.

Is your business eligible?

The eligibility criteria specified by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website states that EFG is open to businesses that:

  • Operate in the UK
  • Have a group turnover of no more than £41 million
  • Are seeking finance of between £25,001 and £1,200,000
  • Can afford to repay over a period of between three months and 10 years for term lending
  • Require the finance for an eligible purpose (most business purposes are eligible – the most significant exclusion is the financing of specific export orders as alternative forms of assistance for that purpose are provided by UK Export Finance)
  • Operate in a business sector that is eligible for EFG (almost all sectors are eligible – where exclusions apply they arise from EU State Aid rules)

Other details

  • The ability to request a Capital Repayment Holiday (subject to approval). During this time interest will still need to be paid
  • Loans are available from three months to 10 years for loans from £25,001 to £600,000, and three months to five years for loans from £600,001 to £1,200,000
  • EFG loans require customers to pay a fee of 2% per year on the outstanding loan balance to the government
  • All bank fees can be added to the loan to help with your cashflow


You'll be responsible for repayment of 100% of the EFG facility, not just the 25% outside the coverage of the government's guarantee. Where defaults occur, we follow our standard commercial recovery procedures, including the realisation of security, before we make a claim against the government's guarantee for any shortfall.

The Enterprise Finance Guarantee programme is managed by the British Business Bank on behalf of, and with the financial backing of, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Ready to apply or want to find out more?

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