Eggs in a factory.

Adding eggs to their basket

Borrowing against potential

Barrow Farm set up an eggs business following a 100% loan from us, and close relationship with its Agricultural Manager.

Barrow Farm is 70 acres of mainly grassland in Herefordshire. It’s run by Graham and Kate, and has been in the family for over 100 years.

Keen to diversify from the farm’s traditional beef and lamb business into something more sustainable, they decided to start an egg business. They saw it as more family-orientated while providing a steady income – less susceptible to factors out of their control like seasons and competition – with the potential to keep the farm in the family for future generations.

Following a meeting with Agricultural Manager David Hughes at a customer forum in Hereford, they found that we were willing to lend to them against potential and proven formula and cashflows. This resulted in a 100% loan that paid for everything they needed – even the initial order of chicken feed.

Watch Barrow Farm’s story here.