Wine bottles in a wine rack at a vineyard

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Long-term strategy for a vineyard in an old pig farm

Property investments helped Bluebell Vineyard Estates improve its visitors' facilities, to complement its award-winning wines.

Barry and Joyce opened Bluebell Vineyard Estates on the site of a former pig farm. With around 100 acres planted, it’s become one of England’s premier wine producers, having been recognised with over 70 national and international awards. It has also diversified into leisure activities, with plans for future development.

Relationship Director Martyn Blunt and his team have developed a close partnership approach with Joyce and Barry. This has led to us providing them with 2 loans: a property-investment loan to refinance an expiring 5-year loan and an interest-only loan to support the vineyard develop its properties while it focuses on income growth.

Barry and Joyce plan to build a new visitors’ centre, a new winery and more office space, as well as further renovations and developments to properties on the estate, helping to fuel income growth and profit.

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