A man building with wooden blocks and a pair of glasses on the table.

Using data-driven strategies to grow your business

Are you utilising data to fuel business growth? Read our report to find out how data can help your business get into shape for expansion.

Data has become one of the most important tools for businesses of all sizes to use, yet many SMEs are missing out on its ability to drive growth.

We commissioned a survey for this report which shows that just over one in four (27%) UK SMEs are using data to inform their business decisions. That’s despite over half of SMEs surveyed saying that they want to grow in 2018.

It needn’t be this way. The latest software tools can make it easier than ever for even small businesses to harness the power of data, enabling them to uncover hidden opportunities, strengthen cashflow or discover previously unknown customer insights.

This report aims to help businesses develop a platform for growth, and shows how those that embrace data – and use it effectively – could find that their competitive edge has been sharpened considerably.

Read the report [PDF, 1.5MB]