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Reaping the rewards of a shared understanding

The local expertise of our relationship team made them an attractive proposition for property developer Wildbrook Investments.

With over 20 years’ experience in property development, Wildbrook Investments owner Gavin has a trained eye when it comes to spotting an opportunity. He specialises in developing small industrial units to attract quality tenants.

By releasing equity from this portfolio to buy and refurbish 2 empty buildings, he has extended the leases and improved his property stock. Wildbrook investments has attracted local businesses and tripled the properties' value.

This was made possible by a winning combination of Gavin's property knowledge and the expertise of Barclays Relationship Director, Andy Cranstone, who understands the business, the area, and how to structure property finance for his clients.

Gavin then bought a nearby unit, and we were able to help him with another loan. The investment is now generating him an income of 9%.

Watch Wildbrook Investments’ story here.