Winning at work

Get expert advice and inside knowledge with our podcast series, Winning at Work. Forbes, in partnership with Barclays, brings you some of the most innovative, forward-thinking entrepreneurs whose game-changing approaches have helped to redefine the way we work.

Improving diversity

Episode 8

Check Warner is the CEO and co-founder of Diversity VC, a non-profit company that aims to increase diversity in the venture industry. In our final episode, she tells us about her big plans for change. She also talks about the challenges she faced when making the transition from advertising to finance.

Money, money, money

Episode 7

Jo Morrell is one of the founding directors of women’s media platform, The Pool. In episode 7, she talks about the highs and lows of raising funds for new ventures. Plus, Juliet Rogan, Head of High Growth & Entrepreneurs, shares her advice for getting your business off the ground.

Staying safe online

Episode 6

Online security is an important issue. Attacks, hacks and online fraud are prevalent and can affect everyone. How do you keep you and your business safe? This week, Freddie Shirley, expert in online security at Avast, tells us how to avoid risks online.

Managing without managers

Episode 5

Can a business run efficiently without managers? In episode 5, the CEO and founder of Smarkets, Jason Trost, explains how he’s experimenting with a new self-management structure that allows his employees to pitch the salary they think they’re worth.

Mum's the word

Episode 4

Justine Roberts is the CEO and founder of Mumsnet, an online platform that brought parents together and pioneered flexible working hours. In episode 4, Justine discusses alternative approaches to work and asks if offices are a dated concept.

Taking a break

Episode 3

When James Gill launched his own company, GoSquared, he spent the first couple of years working long hours to ensure it was a success. The business thrived but he was exhausted – until a break changed everything. In episode 3, James explains how going on holiday changed his approach to work.

HR made easy

Episode 2

Rob O’Donovan is a professional problem solver. His human resources platform Charlie HR helps over 7,000 companies run smoothly and efficiently. In episode 2, Rob discusses all things HR and explains how to get the most out of your team. 

Let’s talk about mental health

Episode 1

We all know it’s important to look after our mental health, yet it’s a subject many of us avoid talking about. Alex Depledge, co-founder of online domestic cleaning platform Hassle.com, kick-starts our Winning at Work podcast series with a frank discussion of the topic. She also talks about what makes a good founder and reveals her secret to being productive.

A good luck card signed with messages on a desk beside a keyboard and mouse

Managing and leading a team effectively

Find your team and use their voices

Philip Stiles, from the Cambridge Judge Business School, outlines how you can assemble the best team, and retain them as your business grows.

Four colleagues sit around a table with their laptops in a relaxed office with a bike in the corner

Business process management solutions

Perfect your processes

Feryal Erhun of the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) explains how taking a step back to break down processes can help you give your business a shot in the arm.

Colleagues having a meeting around a desk in the office.

Learning from business failure

Learning lessons from adversity

Failure is difficult but it can be a good thing. Learning to turn setbacks into something positive can be transformative, empowering and beneficial for your business.