Indie TV stars

Indie TV stars

Opportunities open up for UK TV producers

Our latest industry report looks at the evolving and growing TV production sector and the exciting openings it offers UK programme-makers.

This is an exciting time for the UK’s independent TV producers as they embrace the opportunities and challenges presented by an ever-increasing thirst for content, rapidly changing audience viewing behaviours, new ways of delivering and accessing programmes and improving diversity.

The UK’s strong base of highly creative and capable production professionals and businesses has have helped it establish an international reputation for making innovative, high-quality television programmes and creating innovative show formats.

Our report, ‘Indie TV Stars: Exploring opportunities in the UK TV productions sector’, gives an overview of what’s happening in the industry. It contains valuable insights and views from our Creative Industries team and leading trade body Pact, and presents a producer’s eye-view of the sector from successful independent producer Hello Dolly.

David Gowans
Head of Creative Industries, Games & Esports

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