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Engineering pioneers Delta Motorsport had big ideas to revolutionise the automotive industry but it needed a bank who understood its vision.

Delta Motorsport is one of the leading providers of automotive engineering solutions. Its Micro Turbine Range Extender (MiTRE) – a pioneering solution that extends the range of electric vehicles – has positioned Delta Motorsport at the forefront of low-carbon technology in the UK.

Delta Motorsport needed a bank that understood its industry. As a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, a not-for-profit organisation that brings together leading high-tech companies to support growth, we were the perfect choice.

With our support, Delta Motorsport was able to continue working on developing innovative battery systems for low-carbon vehicles while pushing the boundaries in a new and exciting industry.

Read our Q&A with Managing Director Simon below.


What’s happening in the automotive industry, and how is it affecting your business?

Everything is changing. The electrification of roads means you can tear up the rule book that used to exist. Small businesses like us have the opportunity to provide innovative solutions. With the development of low-carbon technologies, it means we have the opportunity to be a high-growth business. There’s disruption in the sector and where there’s disruption, there’s huge potential for small businesses to exploit it – it’s an exciting place to be at the moment.

 How are you changing the industry?

The government’s idea to introduce 0-emission zones – meaning that every mode of transport in that area needs to be electrified – has bought public awareness of low-carbon vehicles. We’re trying to bring that forward by accelerating the technology in battery systems and getting more people moving across into vehicles that reduce the CO2 level into the environment.

The batteries in electric cars are really big. That’s why we came up with a micro-turbine that allowed us to downsize the battery pack and put a generator on board that will charge the vehicle at the same time as you drive.

What are electric cars like to drive?

The perception of electric cars couldn’t be further from the truth. These cars are delivering supercar performance. It’s like driving a standard automatic but you have a lot more acceleration. They’re extremely fast – I’d recommend one to anyone.

How are you taking on the industry’s challenges?

One barrier is that electric vehicles are high-cost. The technology we’re developing is to drive down the cost of electric vehicles. We’re already seeing costs go down and it’s only going to improve. 

How have we helped your business growth?

We started banking with Barclays because I really liked how their High Growth & Entrepreneurs team took the time to understand the market we were in. Barclays is a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster so we knew they were going to complement our work.

I have a strong bond with our Relationship Manager - we’re on the same wavelength. He’s accessible, knowledgeable and I know he’s looking out for the business. To have a Relationship Manager that we know we can trust is important. Whenever we need support we know he understands.

What’s more, Barclays’ values sit alongside ours. As we grow our business, we need strong partners beside us and Barclays High Growth & Entrepreneurs team are with us all the way.

What are your plans for the future?

The vision for Delta is to continue the work we’re doing and to continue to provide innovation and technology. We want to keep growing as a business and support the changing environment that we’re involved in.

There’s great opportunity in the mobility sector as it stands at the moment. Obviously, electric vehicles are becoming more prominent, so our technology is being pushed forward. The industry is changing, vehicles are changing, mobility is changing, the world is changing – and we want to be at the forefront of those changes and continue to grow the business.

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