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Specialist Finance team

A UK-wide team of experts to help SMEs flourish

A dedicated team that helps to support the growth and development of SMEs through financing management buy-outs (MBOs) and acquisitions across a variety of sectors.

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A man and a woman dressed in professional clothes study architectural plans while standing in front of a large window overlooking a town

Support your property clients

When it comes to building your clients’ investment portfolios and development businesses, we’re here to help.

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SmartBusiness Dashboard

Help your clients run their businesses efficiently by consolidating their business essentials in one place. Plus, try out handy new apps.

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4 cashflow heroes

Help your clients protect their cashflow with tips on avoiding four hidden dangers.

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The buy-to-let market is changing

Property expert Nigel Lewis delves into how recent legislation changes could impact residential landlords.

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Asset valuation

What’s your business property worth?

Our experts analyse how and why land prices are fluctuating, and explain how introducers can help clients with value estimates.

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Case studies from business introducers

From expanding a hot-air-balloon factory to growing a property portfolio, we’ve transformed our clients’ businesses by working together.

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Credit risk case study

Take a look behind the scenes of credit approval

Julie Marron, Associate Credit Director, UK SME Credit, shares insight into the credit approval process.

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Becoming an exporter

10 tips on selling overseas

Taking the step to becoming an exporter is exciting, if a little daunting. These tips from the Department for International Trade (DIT) could help. 

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Importance of reviews and customer feedback

Could online reviews help your business?

Our survey of 2,000 customers and 500 businesses revealed the importance of online review sites to the hospitality and leisure sector.

Growing and expanding your business

Doing well? How to expand

We run through some of the main things to consider if you’re planning to expand, hire more staff or seek major investment.

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Care home case study

Care home builds for the future

Together with corporate finance experts, EMC, we helped a not-for-profit business to expand and provide extra community support with a £2.7m deal.

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Commercial mortgage case study

Family tree firm plants new roots

A strong working relationship was key to the deal when a genealogy firm needed to branch out and expand.