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Care home case study

Care home builds for the future

Together with corporate finance experts, EMC, we helped a not-for-profit business to expand and provide extra community support with a £2.7m deal.

The client
Ifield Park Care Home

Crawley, West Sussex

The broker

How did the deal come about?
Management and corporate finance experts EMC recently introduced a case to us for Ifield Park Care Home. A not-for-profit nursing and day centre on the western edge of Crawley, Ifield Park has an excellent local reputation and, since 2006, has consistently achieved the highest Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings.

What was the case?
Ifield Park Care Home was looking for £2.7m to finance a new building, giving it 18 additional rooms.

How did it work?
Local Relationship Director Steve Goss took on the case and met with Barclays head of healthcare in the South East. Because the home is a charity and operates on a not-for-profit basis, it doesn’t maximise fees, meaning serviceability could have been questionable. However, after several meetings and discussions with the credit team, we were able to sanction the case. Building work is now due to commence and the charity is really pleased it can continue to support the local community and dementia sufferers.

What made it notable?
“The financial structure that we have agreed with Barclays and the relationship that has already developed with their specialist healthcare team is definitely going to help us through the two-year build programme and beyond,” said Ifield Park Chief Executive, Jo Stovold.

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