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Could your clients be more efficient with SmartBusiness Dashboard?

SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps put everything in one place to make managing business essentials easier

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SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps put everything in one place to make managing business essentials easier

Running a business can be hectic. There are lots of tools, spreadsheets and apps available to make things easier, but keeping track of them all in different places can be hard work.

So, anything that makes managing a business simpler and quicker could be a huge benefit to your clients.

That’s where SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps can help.

SmartBusiness Dashboard gives your clients a clear overview of their activities, bringing together business and financial data within their existing online banking. Plus they can trial leading business apps for free and add in apps they already use.

With their business essentials all in one place, it’s much easier for your clients to run their business effectively – no more switching between multiple products and tools to find what they’re looking for.

What could that mean for your clients? Daily tasks can be simplified, efficiency can be boosted and hard-working business owners could free up some much-needed time. 

Their Dashboard, their way

The SmartBusiness Dashboard is customisable. Your clients can choose the data they want to see and the layout they prefer.

It’s not just Barclays data and services that your clients can benefit from. Third-party business apps also play an important role, with a wide range of apps available to try with no obligation.

Key benefits of the SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps

There’s far more to the SmartBusiness Dashboard than just being a handy place to view information. It can help drive real performance benefits across many different areas of the business.

  • Keep on top of cashflow: by having greater visibility of money coming in and going out, available funds and overdue invoices, it’s easier to keep a close eye on cashflow and spot any warning signs. Your clients can also trial the leading UK accounting apps for free
  • Grow revenue and make trading simpler: by making it easy to compare data from point-of-sales software, e-commerce platforms and inventory apps, your clients can quickly see where their business is selling well – and where things could be improved
  • Get the best from marketing spend: the SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps can help your clients monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns, social media posts and website activity more clearly, and help them to better understand their impact
  • Manage staff and boost productivity: the SmartBusiness Dashboard and apps can help your clients to maximise staffing efficiencies and manage their schedules more effectively by giving a clear summary of revenue by employee, jobs in progress and which employee is working on which task

What’s more, the SmartBusiness Dashboard is free for you and your clients* 

For more information on the SmartBusiness Dashboard, visit barclays.co.uk/smartbusiness-dashboard.

* SmartBusiness Dashboard is free if you have a Barclays business account and are registered for Business Online Banking, and you’re an account signatory with sole authority to make payments.