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The Prince's Countryside Fund

Barclays proudly supports The Prince’s Countryside Fund

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is a unique collaboration of brands and businesses, brought together to help secure a brighter future for British farmers and the people who live and work in our countryside.

Supporting the people that take care of our countryside

We're proud to support the Fund to help secure a brighter future for British agriculture and the wider rural economy. Through supporting the fund we intend to inspire other businesses and the general public to get involved and recognise the importance of the countryside to the nation’s well-being and the wider British economy.

The funding raised is channelled into providing grants to projects, large and small, that are delivering the 3 core objectives of The Prince’s Countryside Fund:

  • Improve the sustainability of British farming and rural communities (targeting the areas of greatest need)
  • Reconnect people with our countryside – especially children and young people
  • Deliver aid at times of local and national crisis through a dedicated emergency funding stream

Please visit The Prince's Countryside Fund website for more information.

Employing an apprentice can be of great benefit to you and your farm – find out more about projects supporting young entrants into farming across the UK funded by The Prince’s Countryside Fund here: