Coronavirus and home insurance

The pandemic means you may be spending more time at home than normal, and you might be wondering if this affects your home insurance policy.

It doesn’t affect most of our home insurance policies and you probably don’t need to do anything.

The Association of British Insurers has some information to help insurance customers that you might find useful, and you could also read our FAQs.

Barclays Home Insurance

Does my home insurance cover me for working from home?

If you have contents insurance, you’re covered for home office equipment. You’re not covered for any other business equipment or stock and there is no liability cover in connection with any business, trade or profession.

Do I need to let you know if I’m now working from home?

You don’t need to tell us if you are working from home doing computer work, emails, phone calls or administration. You need to tell us about any other type of business use at your home.

Is my home office equipment covered by my policy?

Home office equipment is covered if you have contents cover. Some starter contents policies will include this – check your policy documents.

Office equipment includes office furniture, computers and other keyboard-based office equipment, printers, photocopiers, telephones and answerphones used for business and professional purposes.

Is the food in my freezer covered under my home insurance?

Yes, if you have contents cover. It’s not covered if you have starter contents.

Am I covered for accidental damage with the children being at home more?

Yes, but only if you’ve selected accidental damage for your buildings or contents cover. You can add this cover whenever you want with no admin fee, although your premium might change.

I can't check on my unoccupied property, what can I do?

Policy exclusions relating to unoccupied properties will apply unless government advice prevents you visiting your property. If you are stuck abroad and unable to return to the property, despite making every effort to do so, please contact us.

My mortgage is taking longer to complete, am I covered?

If you’re moving and have taken out our home insurance, you have cover for 90 days between exchange and completion. 

I’m worried about affording my home insurance payments, what can I do?

We know the pandemic has affected many people’s jobs and livelihoods. If you’re looking at your budget you could

  • Review your cover – we won’t charge you an admin fee if you make changes
  • Talk to us about moving to monthly payments if you usually pay annually and are coming up to renewal

If you’re still struggling financially then contact us to discuss other options that may be available to you.

Where can I find out more about my home insurance policy?

If your policy begins with MHO or MPH, you might be able to view your documents, renew or change your policy, and check what you’re covered for in ‘MyPolicy’.

Where do I find MyPolicy?

If you have a bank account with us, you can access MyPolicy from your accounts home page in Online Banking and our app. Or you can register.

You need to be 11 or over to use the app. T&Cs apply.