Coronavirus mortgage help

How we can help

Find out how we can support you if you've been affected by coronavirus or what to do if you have a mortgage offer from us that’s recently expired or due to expire soon.

Mortgage support options

Find out how we can support you if you've been affected by coronavirus.

You can take periods of support flexibly at any time up to and including 31 March 2021 (until you reach the maximum of six months).

After 31 March, you can only ask for more support if you’re already receiving temporary mortgage support.

Any temporary mortgage support we offer after 31 March will stop on 31 July, even if you haven’t received the maximum of six months.


I’m not on a payment holiday, but I need help with my payments

If you’re not on a payment holiday and need help with your payments, our tailored support could help you.

My first period of temporary support is coming to an end

If your temporary mortgage support’s ending, there are ways we can help. We’ll also write to you to explain your options.

I’ve had more than one period of temporary support and it’s coming to an end

Existing mortgage offers

If you already have an offer from us and your circumstances have changed, please contact your mortgage adviser or broker.

Interest-only and part-and-part mortgages

See the support we can offer if you have an interest-only or part-and-part mortgage with us, including overdrafts on mortgage current accounts.

Delay the repayment of your balance

Find out if you’re eligible to delay the repayment of your outstanding interest-only or part-and-part mortgage balance until 31 October 2021, as well as overdrafts on mortgage current accounts.