Coronavirus – change in circumstances

Fill in our online form if your circumstances have changed since getting a mortgage offer from us. 

Important – before you apply

Please read these questions and answers carefully, to find out what information we need from you. We know it’s a worrying time, and this means lots of people are trying to call us. Unless you have a problem when completing the form online, there’s no need to call us about a change in circumstances.

Thanks for bearing with us – check back regularly, as we’ll update the information here as the situation changes.

If you’re a broker or solicitor applying for an extension for your client, please note that these questions and answers have been created for your client to read, and so references to 'you/your' and 'I' are generally references to the applicants. 

When should I use the change of circumstances form and why?

Fill in this form if you’ve had a mortgage offer from us and need to let us know about a change in your circumstances. By making us aware of any changes, we can make sure your mortgage offer is suitable for your needs.

Which changes should I tell you about?

Let us know about any changes that have reduced your disposable income. This might include a reduction in income for any applicants, a change in credit commitments, or expenses that weren't included in your original mortgage assessment.

What could a change in circumstances mean for me?

Your mortgage offer might not be appropriate for your current situation. By telling us about any changes, we can make sure we’re lending responsibly, and we'll work with you to find a new solution.

What if I don't want to progress with my mortgage?

You can cancel your application through the online form.

If I cancel my application will I have to pay any fees?

No, you won’t have to pay to cancel your application. Please check your mortgage offer to see if any fees you’ve paid are not refundable. If you’ve already paid the product fee, we’ll refund you if you cancel your application.

My offer is expiring soon, can I apply to have an offer extension?

Yes, there’s an option in the form to request an offer extension. This is available to purchase customers whose offer is expiring in the next 30 days. 

Will there be another credit check when I tell you about a change in circumstances?

Depending on the change, we’ll need to carry out a new credit check on each of the applicants. When you submit the form, you’ll be asked to confirm that all applicants know about this.

Can my adviser or broker complete this form on my behalf?

Yes, if this has been discussed and agreed with you.

What is the fastest way to notify you about a change in circumstances?

The quickest way is to fill in our form. We'll be in touch once we've processed your request.