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Coronavirus and bereavement

We’re here to help

We understand this is an especially difficult time for you and your family. Please be reassured that we’re here to support you every step of the way.

A note about calling us

While the coronavirus situation continues, we’re sorry that you might have to wait longer than expected to speak to someone in our bereavement team.

The information below might answer any questions you have. We appreciate you might still want to speak to someone, so please bear with us when you call and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

How can I let you know that someone has passed away? 

There are a few ways you can let us know that someone has passed away without having to visit a branch.


Fill in our online notification form and upload the documents we need – we’ve listed them below. You can upload them when you notify us, or later if you don’t have all the documents yet. You’ll need a reference number starting with ‘BRV’ – if we haven’t given you this reference, we’ll be in touch to explain what you need to do.

You can use this form to notify us about any personal, Barclaycard or investment accounts, and any Barclays Wealth or business accounts that the deceased person has with us. 

If the person who passed away was a Barclays Wealth client, you can contact their Wealth Manager or their usual contact at Barclays, if you know who that is. See our contact details for Wealth clients.

Which documents will I need and how can I send them to you?

If you have the documents listed below, you can scan or photograph them and then use our notification form to upload them. If you don’t have the documents yet, you can upload them later using the same form.

Documents you’ll need to provide

Death certificate

Proof of your identify

Signed closure form [PDF, 182KB]

Grant of Probate (we’ll let you know if you need to provide this)

Funeral bills and Inheritance Tax

If you need support to pay a funeral bill or Inheritance Tax invoice, and there’s enough money in the account of the person who has passed away, please upload either or both of the following documents.

  • A copy of the full and final invoice on the funeral director’s headed paper
  • A copy of the Inheritance Tax invoice

Once we receive the document, we’ll make a payment directly to the funeral director or HMRC.

Sending documents by post

If you prefer, you can post any of the above documents to us at the address below. Please include your personal reference number on each page, which starts with ‘BRV’.

Bereavement Service Centre

Barclays Bank UK PLC


LE87 2BB

If you can’t upload or post documents, please call us1 on 0800 068 2238 and we’ll explain your other options.


Call us on 0800 068 2238 and select one of these options.

Option 1 - notify us of a bereavement for the first time
Option 2 – update information you’ve already told us about, and general help
Option 3 – for business accounts
Option 4 – talk to our probate partner, Co-op Legal
Option 5 – for Smart Investor products
Option 6 – for Executor and Trust accounts

Death Notification Service

The free Death Notification Service lets you tell a number of banks and building societies at the same time about someone’s death.

What happens after I let you know that someone has passed away?

Once we receive your notification, we’ll stop money from leaving and entering the associated sole accounts to secure them. We’ll then write to you confirming what happens next and which documents we need to close the accounts. If you’ve already uploaded the documents, you won’t need to provide them again. 

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Dealing with the financial affairs of someone close to you when you’re grieving is never easy. We hope our guide will help you through this difficult time.