Keep, backup - Barclays Blue Rewards

Rewarding banking

Get monthly rewards and enhanced cashback from over 200 retailers, all for £3 a month. Conditions apply.

  • Up to £7 a month for banking with us
  • Rewards for products you have with us
  • Cashback when you shop online with our partners

Joining and eligibility

When you join we'll ask you to choose a suitable current account for Barclays Blue Rewards. Most of our accounts are suitable, including Premier.

You will need access to Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking to view and access your rewards, update your details or cancel Barclays Blue Rewards.

We'll check your chosen account on the first working day of each month to make sure that you did the following in the previous month:

  • Paid in at least £800 (conditions apply) – you can read the terms and conditions by selecting ‘Additional Conditions for Barclays Blue Rewards' below, and on your Online Banking rewards homepage or Barclays Blue Rewards T&Cs in our mobile-banking app
  • Paid the £3 monthly fee

As long as you do both these things in the previous calendar month, we’ll add any applicable Product Rewards (including any Direct Debit Loyalty Reward) or enhanced cashback to your Rewards Wallet on the second working day of each month.

The accounts you can't join with are: Barclays Basic, Young Person's, BarclayPlus, foreign currency accounts, Wealth and Business. If you have a joint account, only one holder can use that account to join. Other account holders can use a separate, suitable account to join if they have one.

What you get

Get monthly ewards when you bank, have a personal loan, mortgage or home insurance with us.

Current account Loyalty Reward – up to £7 a month

We’ll give you £3.50 cashback monthly for your first 2 Direct Debit payments. You’re eligible if you pay in at least £800 to your account and pay the £3 fee each month.

Insurance reward – up to £3 a month

You’ll get up to £3 a month when you take out or renew buildings or contents cover.

Mortgage reward – £5 a month

You’ll get £5 if you have or take out a residential mortgage with us.


Get £1 each month when you take out a personal loan.

4.9% APR Representative on loans of £7,500 – £15,000 over 2 – 5 years (your rate may differ1)

  • How we’ll reward you

  • Earn cashback when you shop online with over 180 retailers

  • Membership of Barclays Blue Rewards

You can view the Barclays Blue Rewards terms and conditions here.

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If you have a suitable current account you’ll need to be registered for Online Banking or the Barclays Mobile Banking app.