SmartSpend Expedia terms and conditions

All travel bookings made with Barclays SmartSpend are made on the SmartSpend Expedia site and are subject to these terms and conditions, and Expedia's Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions for Booking (which are between you and Expedia).

Any queries you may have in relation to your travel booking should be directed to Expedia.

These terms and conditions can be changed by us at any time without prior notice, although any changes will not apply to bookings that you have already made on the Website prior to the change. Any changes we make to these terms and conditions will be available on Barclays Online Banking before you access the Website. You should save and/or print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.


We will pay an amount of cashback calculated as a percentage on any eligible bookings made through the Website ("Cashback"). Cashback will be paid to you on the following types of bookings

  • Standalone hotel bookings
  • Flight + hotel bookings – to be eligible for Cashback, you must purchase both the flight and hotel together as part of a single booking
  • Cashback is available on travel which is booked for friends or family. For businesses, this means a member of staff with personal access to the Website could earn Cashback for themselves by booking business travel for themselves and / or their colleagues. However, Barclays will not be responsible for resolving any disputes between businesses and their staff under such circumstances
  • Additional items you add to an existing booking will earn the same rate of Cashback as the original booking (apart from standalone flights added to an existing standalone hotel booking, please see below)

Cashback will not be paid to you on

  • Standalone flight bookings
  • The flight portion of a booking if a flight is added to an existing standalone hotel booking
  • Any other products / product combinations (other than those listed above) available on the Website including Eurostar bookings, car hire and activity bookings. However, adding these purchases to your booking will not affect the Cashback on the eligible portion (standalone hotel, flight + hotel booking)
  • Any fees incurred for cancellations or changes to bookings that you make
  • Mandatory fees and taxes collected by the hotel at the time of your stay (eg resort fees, city tax)
  • Any amount you pay for your booking using gift vouchers, gift cards or coupons codes
  • Bookings made for commercial purposes (ie travel agents booking for their clients)
  • Any extension to a hotel booking once you've checked in

You will not be able to claim cashback on additional items you purchase outside of your booking such as purchases from the hotel (eg room service), car hire, or a new plane ticket.

Please note that Cashback will only be paid on bookings made on the Website. If you make a booking directly through the expedia.co.uk site you will not be able to earn any Cashback. You cannot earn Cashback by making bookings over the telephone (unless the Website is unavailable due to unforeseen system problems with Barclays or the Website, which will be notified to you). However, you can make changes over the telephone to an existing booking and still earn Cashback.

Subject to the above, there are no restrictions on how often you book travel or how much Cashback you can earn. However, Barclays reserves the right to withhold or reclaim any Cashback it believes has been obtained fraudulently.

Barclays will earn commission from any cashback-eligible booking you make, but this will always be less than you are saving by making a booking through the Website.

Amount of Cashback

  • The Cashback amount on eligible bookings is calculated as a percentage of the booking value – including taxes and fees (but excluding taxes and fees such as resort fees or city tax collected by the hotel at the time of your stay) – paid using a debit or credit card
  • The cashback percentage is currently 6% on hotels and 3% on hotel and flights when booked together. Barclays reserves the right to vary this from time to time. You’ll be notified of any variation to this amount and variations will not apply to any bookings made prior to the change
  • You can pay for your booking with any debit or credit card or payment method shown on the Website
  • The percentage level of Cashback you are eligible for at the time of booking will remain fixed, regardless of any changes you make to your booking
  • If you cancel your booking and receive a full refund, you will not receive any Cashback
  • If you cancel your booking and receive a partial refund, you will receive Cashback for the non-refunded amount only. Cancellation fees are not eligible for Cashback
  • If you change your booking, your Cashback amount will be adjusted pro rata in line with the new cost of the booking. Change fees are not eligible for Cashback
  • If you are a business user, there may be tax implications for earning Cashback. It is your responsibility to ensure any Cashback you earn complies with applicable tax rules

Loyalty points

  • You will be able to collect points on most loyalty programmes offered by airlines, hotels and car hire companies available on the Website. You will find a full list of loyalty programmes supported in 'My Account' in the top right-hand corner of any page when you visit the Website. In order to collect points, you will need to register your membership details in this section. You will need to do this just once. Points will then automatically be added to your account whenever you book on the Website
  • We reserve the right to withdraw participation from some or all partners from time to time
  • Unlike the Expedia.co.uk site, you will not be able to earn Nectar points on the Website

How to book

  • You will need access to Barclays Online Banking to access the Website. This is the only way to access the Website
  • You need to provide a valid email address to access the Website. If you haven't already provided Barclays with an email address, you will be required to provide one when you first use the Website. Please see the 'Your information' section below for more details about how Barclays will use your email address

How you will receive your Cashback

  • Unless you tell us otherwise, the account into which Cashback is paid will be, in order of priority, the following eligible accounts: your personal current account, personal savings account, joint current account, joint savings account, business current account, and business deposit account
  • You can change your designated account on Barclays Online Banking by going to the SmartSpend Expedia page, selecting the 'Cashback & bookings' tab and choosing an eligible account from the dropdown menu. Cashback cannot be paid into a Barclaycard account
  • If you close your account before Cashback is paid, we will pay it into another of your eligible Barclays accounts
  • If you hold no other eligible Barclays accounts, you will not receive any Cashback

When you will receive your Cashback

  • Any Cashback you earn will appear in your Cashback account as 'pending'. This will be physically paid into your current account or savings account once you've completed your travel as follows
  • If you pay for your booking in full at the time of booking, your Cashback will be paid in to your Barclays account within 3 working days of the final day of your travel itinerary
  • If you pay for your booking when you check out of your hotel, your Cashback will be paid in to your Barclays account within 30 working days of the final day of your travel itinerary

How you will be notified that your cashback has been paid

Where you have provided us with your mobile number, we will send you an SMS alert to let you know that your cashback has been paid into your account. If we do not have your mobile number and we have your email address, we will send you an alert by email instead. To opt out of this service you can go to your local branch or contact us on 03457 345345. (Reference from the central telephony contact card)

Your information

These additional conditions relate to the use of Barclays SmartSpend and supplement the privacy policy which applies to the Barclays account that is your Cashback account, please refer to 'How you will receive your Cashback' for designated accounts. The privacy policy is available in your account terms and conditions.

In addition, when you access the Website you will be subject to Expedia's Privacy Policy. Where there is a conflict between the privacy notice applicable to your Cashback account and Expedia's privacy policy, the provisions of Expedia's policy will take precedence when you are using the Website.

1. Contacting you

Expedia will sometimes need to contact you with information about your booking. When Expedia contacts you it will use your most recent email address. Barclays will provide the email address we hold for you when you first access the Website, or the email address you provide when you first log into the Website if we don't already hold one.

Expedia may contact you from time to time with marketing messages on behalf of Barclays SmartSpend. These marketing messages will only relate to the SmartSpend Expedia service. Expedia will contact you electronically, for example by email, text messages or messages on SmartSpend Expedia. You will receive a welcome email the first time you use the Website and this will include instructions on how to update your email address on the Website, but will not update the email address Barclays holds for you.

You may tell Expedia at any time if you do not wish to receive marketing messages relating to the SmartSpend Expedia site by contacting Expedia as set out in the welcome email you receive from Expedia, adjusting your preferences on the SmartSpend Expedia website, or by following any instructions Expedia may include in any message it sends to you. For example, any relevant email you receive from Expedia will include instructions on how to unsubscribe.

Barclays will send you promotional communications relating to Expedia unless you have previously advised us that you do not wish to receive these types of communications.

2. Cookies and other web technologies

Your use of the Website site will be subject to the Expedia-Barclays.co.uk cookie policy.

3. Sharing your information

Access via Barclays Online Banking

When you choose to transfer from Barclays Online Banking to the Website for the first time, we will disclose your name and email address to Expedia to enable Expedia to set up a customer profile. Each time you subsequently access the Website we will update Expedia with your current details. This information is drawn from records that we already hold about you and your account and will not affect any updates you have made to your email address settings within the Website.

Expedia will also share details with us of the way you use the Website, including the offers you view and the travel bookings you make, so that we can answer queries about your Cashback and continue to offer you products and services that are relevant.

Queries and complaints