Personalised debit card terms and conditions

All you need to know about designing your card

Even though your card will mostly live in your pocket or bag, we have to be sure that the photo is suitable for other people’s eyes.

Our service

It’s free to upload your own photo or choose one from our online gallery, and you can change the photo up to three times a year.

We’ll send a new card with the same photo on it before your old card runs out.

If you’re under 16, please ask your guardian to read this page.

Choosing your image

Uploading your own photo

  • You can upload a photo from your computer, phone or tablet1
  • You can use a smiling selfie – the photo doesn’t have to be serious like a passport photo. Check our image guidelines about who and what you can include 
  • You must have the right to use the photo and it must be suitable for use on the card. That means it doesn’t contain anything that could be illegal, or hurt you, us or another person

Using our gallery

  • You can choose a photo from our online gallery, edit it and add a filter before uploading
  • We’ll still own the photo and you can only use it to personalise your debit card with us

What you agree to

If you upload a photo, that means you give us permission to use, print and store it.

We’ll cancel the personalised card if we find out that the photo affects the rights of a third party or isn’t suitable for any reason. You can have a standard debit card2 instead, or a replacement card with a different photo. 

You understand that we’ll use your personal data for the purposes set out in our privacy policy.

If you don’t follow these guidelines, we may ask you to pay back any costs to us in putting this right – for example, if you upload a photo you didn’t have the right to use.

If we accept a photo you upload, we’ll print it as supplied to us and take no responsibility over the photo’s quality or its positioning.

When you order the card, we’ll tell you when you can expect it to arrive. If it doesn’t arrive on or around that time please call us on 0800 400 100*.

If your personalised debit card is lost, stolen or damaged

Please call us as soon as possible on 0800 400 100*. You can also let us know online and through the Barclays app3.

We can either reprint your card with the same photo, send you a standard card with no photo, or you can ask us to use a new photo.

If anything changes

If you change your mind and don’t want a photo on your card, call us on 03457 345 345.4

If our terms and conditions change, we’ll get in touch by letter or email giving you at least 30 days’ notice if the change doesn’t benefit you.

We’ll also publish changes on this page.