5 apps to help make life easier

Manage your money and life from your phone

From splitting bills to bagging a bargain, here are 5 apps that could help you stay on top of things.

Here’s our pick of some useful apps to make student life a bit easier  

Splitting the bill

It’s one of the age-old problems – how do you split bills in a way that keeps everyone happy? The free Splitwise app can help by keeping track of shared expenses – anything from electricity bills to money spent on a gift for a housemate, to a group dinner. The app works in various currencies, too, so it’s great to use on a holiday. Remember that if you’re sorting out household bills, make sure everyone’s name is on the account – this way, it doesn’t put just one person’s credit score at risk. Learn more about credit scores and what they mean.

Saving money on food

Grab a great value meal with the Too Good To Go app. Local cafes and restaurants across the UK sell the surplus food left over at the end of their breakfast, lunch or dinner service for at least 50% off the usual price. You’ll also be helping to cut food waste, so there’s a feel-good element, too.

Comparing prices

Paid for something only to discover you could have got it cheaper elsewhere? Try the free Idealo app that lets you compare 107 million offers from more than 21,300 online stores. And if you’ve got plans to travel or study abroad, GoEuro is a free iOS and Android app that helps you find deals on trains, buses and flights in the UK and Europe.

Taking care of your mental health

Developed by the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, the free Catch It app helps you understand your emotions and thoughts through the use of an online diary and techniques based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It can help you understand yourself better but it’s not a substitute for professional mental health care, therapy or advice. If you have particular concerns, approach a professional.

Borrow and sell

The sharing economy can really help out with uni costs. There are apps to help you sell everything from books to clothing – even your old childhood toys could fetch a good price. And consider how you can put your skills to good use – if you’re creative, for example, consider setting up an Etsy account to make and sell your designs.


In case you were wondering we don’t have a commercial relationship with any of the companies that develop these apps, we just really like them. That means we don’t accept any liability for the content. And we’re sure other ones are available too.

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