Foreign Currency Account

Bank in the currency of your choice

Make and receive foreign payments with our Foreign Currency Account.

What you get

Available in all major currencies

You can open an account in a wide range of currencies to best suit your needs.

Reduced exchange rate risk

The Foreign Currency Account can help you save on exchange fees and avoid potential exchange rate loss.

Free transfers between Barclays accounts

There’s no fee for transferring money between your Foreign Currency Account and Barclays sterling current accounts.

Regular statements

You’ll receive statements as set out in your Retail Customer Agreement. The frequency of when you receive statements can be changed at any time. 

Cheque book

You can request a cheque book, so you can make payments in the account’s currency.

How to apply

You’ll need a sterling current account with us. We also offer a currency deposit account in euro and US dollar.


New to banking with us?

Find out more about our current accounts – you’ll need one before you can apply for a foreign currency account.


Already bank with us?

To apply for a foreign currency account, visit your local branch or phone our International Helpdesk on 03459 75 75 75.

Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges.

  • Transfers and payments

    To transfer money to and from your Foreign Currency Account, call us on 03459 75 75 75, or +44 191 541 2009 if you’re calling from abroad. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am–5pm. To maintain a quality service, we may monitor or record phone calls. Call charges.

    To make a payment from your currency account to another company or individual, please visit your local branch.

    Statement frequency, certificate of interest and financial history reports

    Statements for your currency account will be sent to you as set out in your Retail Customer Agreement. The frequency of when these are delivered can be changed at any time.

    You can get a statement of interest by calling us. It shows interest details for an account for both a calendar and financial year, which is sometimes required for tax purposes. Financial history reports are also available on request and show more detail than a normal statement.1

    Closing your account

    To close a Foreign Currency Account, please call us on the number above.

    Fee Information Document - Personal Currency Account

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