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What is personal data?

At its simplest, this is your name, age, gender, where you live, if you’re married or not, an email address and bank account details. But the definition of personal data has grown in the digital age to also include your online behaviour. This can cover your favourite types of food, what you buy most online (at what price and how often), where you are in the country (and what you’re getting up to). It can also include your favourite films and TV shows, who your online friends are, photos on social media and even which way you might vote in an election.

Apps give away a lot of information

Download an app for fun and you could put your personal information at risk.

Quiz or game apps that offer a fun few minutes when you’re bored may seem innocent, but they could access your contacts, emails and even take photos or videos.  

Similarly, fitness apps track the number of daily steps you take, how far (and how often) you run, where you’re going and even how much sleep you get – information you might not want to share with someone else.

  • Always check your settings to see what data your apps are allowed to access. You’ll often see ‘permission’ boxes appear on your screen to ask if you’ll allow access to different types of data
  • One of the most common is permission to access your location – common with fitness and photo apps

Review your mobile device settings regularly to check that apps you’ve installed don’t have access to more data than you’d like. You can usually change any settings you don’t like, but always be prepared to delete an app if it’s looking at more than you’re comfortable with.

Sharing on social media can reveal too much

It’s a daily habit for millions of people. You switch on your smartphone to share some photos on social media of a night out with friends, tag everyone with their names and even say where you went to. You might also like a few other posts by other people and maybe even complete a silly quiz that tells you which kind of root vegetable you’re most like. 

All harmless fun on the surface, but the personal data you’ve shared can be used to profile you and your life. It can give insights into your spending habits and income, whether or not you’re in a relationship, your political beliefs, favourite shops and even how you’re feeling at that given moment.

Not everyone is concerned about this, but it’s worth paying some attention to the information you share online – and who you share it with. So always take the time to review the settings of any social media apps you use to make sure they’re how you like them. And do it regularly – apps are updated frequently and settings can change without your knowledge.  

A Trojan is an app that may look safe, but is really anything but

A Trojan is a type of malware where a harmful app pretends to be something completely innocent. 

You may get an email offering free apps or games, with a download link. When you open the link, the downloaded app may even work as you’d expect – but in reality, the app has opened a ‘backdoor’ to your computer or mobile device that a criminal can use. 

Trojans can grant someone remote access to your computer and all of its contents, and even allow it to be used as part of a vast criminal network used to attack other computer systems – all without your knowledge. 

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