How do I manage alerts in Barclays Cloud It?

You can set up alerts on your documents to remind you of payment deadlines, renewal dates for insurance policies and expiry dates of club memberships, for example. You can add up to a maximum of 5 alerts to each file. If you’re already in a document, you add alerts by selecting the alerts icon (a bell) on the document itself or in the ‘Document actions’ area.

You can edit existing alerts and choose whether you want to be alerted by text message or email.

If you can’t activate text or email alerts on a document, it’s because we don’t have those contact details for you. To add new contact details (or to edit your existing ones), select the dropdown menu under your name in the top right of Online Banking after you've logged in. Then select 'Contact details' under the 'My details' section.

To see all of your existing alerts, click on the ‘Alerts’ button in the left-hand menu or look for them in your ‘Document stream’.

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