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  • Premier Current Account

    Open a Premier Current Account and enjoy are range of exclusive benefits and products. See if you’re eligible today.

  • Losing your job

    If you’ve recently lost your job, we’ve got some tips to help you prepare your next steps.

  • Intermediaries and technology

    We’ve recently carried out some research to find out how the changing digital landscape is impacting on brokers an intermediaries. Learn more.

  • The Barclays app

    Barclays Mobile Banking app allows you to make payments, move money between accounts and view balances and transactions from your phone.

  • Ways to borrow with us

    There are many reasons to borrow and many ways to do it. See which one’s right for you.

  • Avoid online ticket fraud

    Tips to avoid online ticket fraud and make sure you get to your favourite events this summer.

  • Intermediary Hub password support

  • 10 benefits of Smart Investor

    Whether you’re new to investing or a more experienced investor, Smart Investor has lots of different tools to help. Capital’s at risk.

  • Tech for smart homes

    Control your heating, lighting, laundry and more with a smartphone – find out how the 'internet of things' could help you manage your home the smart way.

  • Barclays Cloud It

    Safely store your important documents securely on Cloud It, designed by Barclays to make your life easier.

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