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  • Cookies policy

    We use cookies and similar technologies on this website and on our mobile applications. Read more about how these work.

  • Stay safe from fraud

    Fraud safety at uni. Discover the ways that fraudsters can take advantage, and how to help protect yourself.

  • The tricky business of forecasting investment returns

    Forecasting investment returns is a tricky business: there’s always going to be an element of uncertainty, but how much?

  • Funds, ETFs and investment trusts

    Explore the range of funds, ETFs and investment trusts on Barclays Smart Investor.

  • Getting started

    If you’re just getting started with retirement planning, we’re here to help with information to help you begin working towards your retirement goals.

  • William Hobbs

    Find out more about William Hobbs, Chief Investment Officer at Barclays Investment Solutions.

  • Approaching retirement

    If you’re approaching retirement, you might be considering how you’ll access your pension savings. Here, you can read more about the different options.

  • Handling your finances after loss

    During a bereavement, it can be difficult to stay on top of things. Find out how we can help with your finances when grieving a death close to home.

  • The digital world

    Teach your children how to stay safe online with our list of essential tips.

  • The Global Sustainability Trust PLC

    Find out about The Global Sustainability Trust PLC IPO, including more information and details of how to invest with Barclays Smart Investor.

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