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  • Welsh language policy

    We are committed to being accessible to everyone. Take a look at our Welsh language policy at Barclays.

  • Choosing travel insurance

    Choosing the right travel insurance can be difficult. Follow our top tips on how to find the right travel insurance for you.

  • Import documentary collections

    A collection is a simple and efficient tool for settling your trade debts. It can be used to make payments of any size and in any freely traded currency.

  • Dormant and lost accounts

    Reclaim your lost or dormant Barclays accounts. Find out how to go about reclaiming your lost or dormant accounts.

  • How can I view Online Statements?

    You can sign up to view Online Statements online, over the phone or in branch. We’ll explain how here.

  • Protect your personal data

    Whether by email, phone or social media, it helps to know how fraudsters may try to gain access to your information. Here, we explore phishing tactics.

  • Protect your money

    Stay digisafe by learning to spot common types of fraud. Whether pension, email or online shopping scams, stay ahead of the scammers with this useful guide

  • Can I change my Barclays Digital ID details?

    Once you’ve registered your Barclays Digital ID, you can only change your password. You can’t change your mobile phone number, email address and name.

  • Export documentary collections

    Stay in control of your goods once they’ve been dispatched – so you know you’ll get paid.

  • Dormant and lost accounts

    Have you lost touch with your account? Or do you think you’re entitled to an account in someone else’s name? If so, here’s what you can do.

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