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  • Purchase scams

    How to spot scams where fake or non-existent items are advertised for sale.

  • Identity fraud

    How fraudsters can steal personal information about you to impersonate, and obtain money in your name.

  • Romance scams

    How to spot scams where someone pretends to be interested in a romantic relationship with you to gain your trust and then ask for money.

  • Invoice scams

    How to spot scams where account details on an invoice are changed, or emails are intercepted, so the money is wrongly paid into the scammer’s account.

  • Protect yourself from scams

    Scams get more sophisticated every day, so here’s a list of the current ones to help keep you protected.

  • Investment scams

    How to spot scams that invite you to invest in things that are worthless, or don’t exist.

  • Impersonation scams

    How to spot scams where someone pretends to be the police, a bank, a friend or business, to convince you to send them money.

  • Email payment fraud

    Learn how to spot a fraudulent email and what you should look out for to ensure your email and account information stay safe.

  • Stay safe from fraud

    Fraud safety at uni. Discover the ways that fraudsters can take advantage, and how to help protect yourself.

  • Protect your business from fraud

    How we help to protect your business from scams, such as CEO-impersonation fraud, and see what you can do yourself and stay digitally safe.

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