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  • Online and mobile banking security

    Feel safe when banking online. Find out how our guarantee works to protect you and your money from fraud – plus what you can do to stay digitally safe.

  • Financial scams

    Learn how common types of fraud and financial scams work – so you can spot and avoid them. We cover email, text message, investment scams and more.

  • How to keep your account safe

    Learn how to create strong passwords and protect your social media accounts with our fraud-prevention tips. They’ll help you to stay digitally safe.

  • Welcome to Barclays

    Welcome to Barclays free Wi-Fi. Learn more about being fraud smart, Barclays Blue Rewards, Barclays Mobile Banking and different ways to bank.

  • Phone number checker

    Input any phone number into our phone number checker and we’ll confirm whether it’s a genuine Barclays telephone number for you.

  • How fraudsters could contact you

    Whether it’s by email, phone or social media, it helps to know how fraudsters may try to gain access to your information. Here, we explore their tactics.

  • Your browser is out of date

    You may need to update your internet browser to be able to log in to Barclays Online Banking. Get details here.

  • It's Christmas

    Enjoy cashback from retailers, monthly rewards and tips for staying safe online this festive period.

  • Farming transformation

    Jo Hilditch has taken her family business into new areas. Not content with chicken production, her farm now produces apples and blackcurrants.

  • Farming and agriculture news

    Features and views, including insights from Oliver McEntyre, our National Agriculture Strategy Director, and news about the business events we're visiting.

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