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  • Understanding scams

    Why do many scams still work? Read why we can still be tricked – even with advanced technology on our side.

  • Keeping your money safe

    How Barclays protects you and your money with the Online Banking Guarantee, PINsentry and free security software.

  • Farming technology

    The real-life case study of how Barclays helped a family modernise their operations after nearly 100 years of success to ensure their long-term future.

  • Farm diversification

    Find out how tenant farmer Charles Palmer’s decision to diversify into vineyards led to success.

  • Alerts

    Our free alerts service helps you keep track of your money. Register and manage alerts in branch, over the phone or in Online Banking.

  • Privacy Policy

    Read the Privacy Policy relating to the Barclays Identity Service.

  • Manage your business

    Find out how to protect your business, make changes to your company’s documents, reactivate a company’s accounts and more.

  • How fraudsters could contact you

    Whether it’s by email, phone or social media, it helps to know how fraudsters may try to gain access to your information. Here, we explore their tactics.

  • Technology in agriculture

    Mike Hambly is a fast-moving farmer with an app for everything. See how smartphones are changing the way he manages his business.

  • Financial support for farmers

    How we helped one dairy farmer with the finance needed to get through tough times.

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