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  • Understanding scams

    Why do many scams still work? Read why we can still be tricked – even with advanced technology on our side.

  • Investment scams

    Fraudulent investment schemes often sound plausible and promise to be lucrative. But victims risk losing all the money they have invested.

  • Keeping your money safe

    How Barclays protects you and your money with the Online Banking Guarantee, PINsentry and free security software.

  • Agreement in Principle (AiP)

    Complete an agreement in principle online to see if you could borrow the amount you need for a mortgage without affecting the credit score. Start an AIP.

  • Farming technology

    The real-life case study of how Barclays helped a family modernise their operations after nearly 100 years of success to ensure their long-term future.

  • Farm diversification

    Find out how tenant farmer Charles Palmer’s decision to diversify into vineyards led to success.

  • Alerts

    Our free alerts service helps you keep track of your money. Register and manage alerts in branch, over the phone or in Online Banking.

  • Barclays Online Banking

    Barclays Online Banking is a safe and convenient way to take care of your daily banking, whether you’re at work, out and about or on holiday.

  • Manage your business

    Find out how to protect your business, make changes to your company’s documents, reactivate a company’s accounts and more.

  • Technology in agriculture

    Mike Hambly is a fast-moving farmer with an app for everything. See how smartphones are changing the way he manages his business.

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