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  • Financial support for farmers

    How we helped one dairy farmer with the finance needed to get through tough times.

  • Agri-tech

    Agri-tech is key to supporting UK farming to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Our dedicate team can help your innovations become mainstream.

  • Energy and environment

    Finance solutions for renewable energy from solar, wind or water, energy store, green finance and more from our specialist team.

  • Farming matters

    Finance your farm or agriculture business, whether you need to fund new farming equipment, buildings and land, feed and livestock, or working capital.

  • Landed Estates

    Bespoke service and finance through our specialist team dedicate to understand the complexities of landed states.

  • Mobile banking services from Barclays

    Stay in control of your money wherever you are, with our mobile banking app, mobile payments app and alerts.

  • Hearing or speech services

    We’ve developed ways to help you if you’re deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment.

  • Agriculture

    Get access to our team of dedicated agriculture managers and talk to us about the business challenges in milk, cereals and animal husbandry.

  • Public service description

    We've been certified as a trusted Identity Provider as part of GOV.UK Verify initiative – a new way for UK citizens to prove who they are online.

  • Are your customers safe online?

    Cybercrime is a constant threat, but you can help make your site safer for customers by providing a secure online connection.

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