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  • Online and Mobile Banking Guarantee

    Feel safe when banking online and on your mobile. Find out how our guarantee works to protect you and your money from fraud.

  • Farm diversification

    Find out how tenant farmer Charles Palmer’s decision to diversify into vineyards led to success.

  • Farming transformation

    Jo Hilditch has taken her family business into new areas. Not content with chicken production, her farm now produces apples and blackcurrants.

  • Barclays Online Banking

    Barclays Online Banking is a safe and convenient way to take care of your daily banking, whether you’re at work, out and about or on holiday.

  • Manage your business

    Find out how to protect your business, make changes to your company’s documents, reactivate a company’s accounts and more.

  • Reducing unnecessary risk

    The level of risk you're willing to take may depend on several factors, such as your goals, how comfortable you are accepting losses, and your timeframe.

  • 7 tricks for your tech

    Experts reveal their top tips to help you get more from your gadgets

  • Farming technology

    The real-life case study of how Barclays helped a family modernise their operations after nearly 100 years of success to ensure their long-term future.

  • Take control of your personal data

    Learn how to be vigilant and protect yourself online. Check out our fraud prevention tips to see what you can do to stay digitally safe.

  • How do I tell you I’m going to use my card abroad?

    You don’t have to any more. All we ask is that you keep your contact details up to date so that we can get in touch with you if we need to .

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