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  • Going to uni

    We’ve got plenty of ways to help you while you’re at uni, from new accounts to cashback on essentials.

  • Stay safe online

    Fraudsters can strike at any time but are particularly prevalent at Christmas time. Read our tips to stay safe when shopping online.

  • How long do Pingit payments take?

    Find out how long Pingit payments take.

  • Choosing a financial adviser

    From fees to qualifications, we outline what to consider when looking for financial advice.

  • Alerts

    Our free alerts service helps you keep track of your money. Register and manage alerts in branch, over the phone or in Online Banking.

  • Barclays Online Banking

    Barclays Online Banking is a safe and convenient way to take care of your everyday banking from home.

  • security-windows7-support

    Find out why we recommend upgrading your operating system now that Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7.

  • Updating your web browser

    Use a browser with the newest technology, so you get the most out of the sites you visit.

  • Landed Estates

    Bespoke service and finance through our specialist team dedicate to understand the complexities of landed states.

  • Energy and environment

    Finance solutions for renewable energy from solar, wind or water, energy store, green finance and more from our specialist team.

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