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  • Start-up business account

    Get free banking for 12 months when you start a new business followed by a promise to keep you on our best plan, plus rewards for staying with us.

  • Allocation policy

    Find out what an allocation policy is and how it may affect a new issue available to UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man investors only.

  • Ukrainian Refugee Accounts

    Our team are ready to do all we can to help you open an account.

  • Ten common types of fraud and scam

    Scams and fraud costs people millions of pounds a year. We look at some of the tactics criminals use to steal your money.

  • Impersonation scams

    How to spot scams where someone pretends to be the police, a bank, a friend or business, to convince you to send them money.

  • Remote access fraud

    How fraudsters gain access to your personal data by pretending to solve a problem they’ve found for you.

  • We’ve got your details

  • Barclays app ID

    Barclays app ID is a safe, easy way for us to ID you in branch and on the phone, and for you to check it’s us when we call you.

  • Cash machine fraud

    How fraudsters can distract you at a cash machine, so you lose sight of your card and your bank account is emptied before you realise.

  • Useful Information

    Information about changes to Smart Investor, Market abuse, government reforms, legal information, MIFID II and more.

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