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  • Existing mortgage customers

    Manage your mortgage with us – apply to borrow more, switch your rate, see how we can help if you’re moving or get help if you’re worried about payments.

  • Going to uni

    We’ve got plenty of ways to help you while you’re at uni, from new accounts to cashback on essentials.

  • The science and art of manager selection

    Skilled fund managers can help build long-term wealth.

  • Later life

    Make your later years your best yet with our guide to retirement.

  • More about lodgements

    Learn how to deposit or lodge your physical share certificate with an online brokerage account.

  • Most popular ETFs

    Find out what are the most popular ETFs among Smart Investor customers. Capital at risk.

  • Moments

    From studying and graduation to travelling and buying your first home, we’ve got support, products and tools to help you.

  • 10 golden rules for investors

    Investing is never an exact science, but there are certain rules which may help investors achieve their goals.

  • Five ways to be a Smart Investor

    There are certain key traits which smart investors often possess. We look at five of these and explain how they may help you to achieve investment success.

  • How to choose a fund

    Choosing which funds to invest in isn’t always easy, particularly with so many different options to choose from. We look at ways to simplify the process.

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