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  • The Barclays Funds List

    The Barclays Funds List will help you narrow down the wide range of funds available for you to invest in. Read More here.

  • Build savings plan

    Try our 7 simple steps to build a savings plan so you can get more from your money.

  • Apps to help make life easier

    From mindfulness training to managing your cash, here’s a selection of apps to help you stay on top of things

  • Protect your tech

    Find out how to keep your gadgets safe when out and about with our handy list of tips to ensure your tech stays safe at all times.

  • Portfolio landlords

    Property expert Nigel Lewis delves into how recent legislation changes could impact residential landlords.

  • Getting married

    Managing your money as a married couple

  • Five things you need to know about gold

    Gold is often perceived as a safe haven during turbulent times, although it can itself be very volatile. We look at five things you need to know.

  • Understanding global trade

    Get a better understanding of international trade services by learning about some of the most common terms and situations.

  • Managing your money

    Dev was having trouble controlling his finances and was often relying on an overdraft to cover expenses; here’s how banks can help.

  • Returning from holiday

    Things to think about when you come back from holiday – from making a claim to changing your unused currency.

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