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  • Moments

    From studying and graduation to travelling and buying your first home, we’ve got support, products and tools to help you.

  • Barclays Online Banking

    Barclays Online Banking is a safe and convenient way to take care of your daily banking, whether you’re at work, out and about or on holiday.

  • How to choose long-term share investments

    Discover how to identify long-term share investments for income

  • Supporting the needs of all our customers

    If you have a current account with us, see how we can help when you need us.

  • Business debit cards

    Save time, manage your cashflow and monitor and control your expenditure with a Barclays Business debit card.

  • Investing in water

    Global water supplies are under pressure, but there are innovative companies aimed at helping to efficiently preserve, treat, and recycle water.

  • Brexit resources

    Articles, tips and links to help you get ready for whatever happens when the UK leaves the EU.

  • Finances for grads

    We discuss managing your money after graduation, with information on credit scores, taxes and making the most of your money.

  • Your child and university

    Be prepared for when your child goes to uni with our handy tips and practical information .

  • Payment methods

    Want to make contactless payments, or pay online or by cheque? With a range of ways to pay, Barclays bank accounts are easy for everyone.

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