What's contactless cash?

Our new contactless cash service lets you use your contactless debit card or Android smartphone to withdraw cash. You can take out different amounts, depending on the machine you use and on your daily limits – it’s quick, secure and you don’t need to insert your card.

Contactless cash is available at more than 500 of our branches and 100 of our cash machines – you can find out which ones within the ‘Contactless cash locator’ in our mobile-banking app.

  • Who can use it?

    If you have a current account with us, you can use contactless cash. You just need a contactless debit card, or an Android smartphone that’s registered with the Barclays Mobile Banking app1. Just so you know, contactless cash doesn’t work with your Barclaycard.

    We’ve thought about accessibility too – if you’d like to, you can use your smartphone screen, customised to support your needs, to manage your cash withdrawals.

  • Is it secure?

  • How do I use contactless cash in a branch?

  • Can I use contactless cash at a cash machine?