I’ve made a purchase using your cashback service, when will I get the money back?

The time it takes for you to receive your cashback will depend how long individual retailers take to send it to us. Once they do, we’ll pay it into your account straightaway.

If you booked a trip with Expedia, please allow 30 working days after your trip is completed for your cashback to be deposited to your account. If you bought something from any other retailer through Barclays, it'll take 35 to 45 working days from when your purchase is confirmed by the retailer. If you think you're due cashback and haven't received it within these times, please contact us 24/7, including bank holidays, on 0345 734 5345, or from abroad on +44 24 7684 2100. If you’re a Wealth customer, please get in touch with our Wealth Management Client Services team on 0800 376 7954*.