I already have a Barclays current account with a monthly fee and extra benefits. Can I add more Features in the Features Store?

You can add some Features, like alerts or Money Tools, to any Barclays current account. However, you can only add Feature Store Packs to a Barclays Bank Account, Cash Card Account or Premier Current Account.

Please note that if you already have one of our fee-paying current accounts (such as Additions Active, Current Account Plus or Premier Life) and you switch to, for example, a Barclays Bank Account, you won’t be able to switch back because these accounts are no longer on sale.

You may prefer to keep your account as it is – check our comparison table to help make your decision. 

If you do switch, not all of your current benefits may still be available to you, depending on the Packs you choose, but you’ll have the opportunity to add new Features to your account.