Why can't I find one of my Online Statements?

You can search your statement archive by selecting ‘Online Statements’ from the drop-down menu under your name on the Online Banking homepage, then select the account you want to see statements for.

Alternatively, all of your Online Statements will be in your Barclays Cloud It storage account, which you can also get to from the drop-down menu, with the 'My Barclays documents' link.

You can also view your Online Statements in ‘Statements and Documents’ in the Barclays app.

If you still can't find your statement, it could be because:

You haven't received your most recent statement

  • Your Online Statement will appear two working days after its due date. You can view the past two years' transactions in Online Banking by selecting the account name from the home page. You can view recent transactions or search for a specific range.

The statement you're looking for is from before you switched to Online Statements

  •  Your statement archive begins from July 2013. If you registered to get your statements online before then, you’ll be able to view them from the date you registered. You can request a printed copy of a statement that isn’t in your Online Statements in a branch or by Telephone Banking (if you are registered) on 0345 734 5345*