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  • Can stock markets continue to rise?

    Our Chief Investment Officer talks about the first quarter of the year and what might lie ahead.

  • Principles of investing

    Explore our principles of investing covering four areas we believe are the most important aspects of investing.

  • Guide to ISAs

    Read about ISA allowances and the rules for tax-free savings – you can watch our helpful video too.

  • Money mindsets

    Money mindsets: which one do you have? Scrimper, saver, spender, splurger – we’ve many different attitudes to money. Learn to turn it to your advantage.

  • Travel toolkit

    Inspiring ideas and last-minute tips to help with your holiday plans.

  • Business insights

    News, guides, research and help for your business. Learn how to build up your business’s digital skills, how to write a business plan and more.

  • Conquering cashflow

    How managing your cashflow could transform your business.

  • Brexit and the EEA

    If you have an address outside the UK, but within the European Economic Area (EEA), you may face changes to your banking and investment products.

  • Your Tech Pack

    Welcome to your Barclays Tech Pack

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