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  • Offset mortgage calculator

    Use our offset mortgage calculator to see how you could reduce your monthly payments or pay off your mortgage sooner.

  • Offset mortgage calculator

    Use our offset mortgage calculator to see how your savings could reduce your mortgage term or monthly payments.

  • Case studies

    Entrepreneurs explain how our High Growth & Entrepreneurs team’s personal, non-traditional banking helps them achieve their unique business ambitions.

  • Young Person's Account

    Want to put your money somewhere other than your pocket? Discover our Barclays Young Person's Account for teens between 16 & 19 years old.

  • 18 Month Flexible Bond

    With a flexible bond, you can earn a fixed rate of interest on your money while still being able to access some of it. Explore our 18 Month Flexible Bond.

  • Goals-based investing

    Rob Smith, Head of Behavioural Finance, talks about how to create an investment plan, how to put it into motion and how to keep to it to reach your goals.

  • The journey

    Explore our series of innovative case studies as we accompany Pact Coffee, Growing Underground, JustPark and The Fold on their entrepreneurial journey.

  • Buy-to-let for business

    Mortgages to help you develop or expand your property portfolio, with support from a dedicated Real Estate Manager.

  • Funding

    We speak to four driven scale-ups as they explore the topic of funding.

  • Coronavirus and life insurance

    Find out how coronavirus has affected life insurance and mortgage protection policies.

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