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  • Complaints

    Find information on how to make complaints, relating to the Plan & Invest services we offer.

  • Neurodiversity

    If you have difficulty with words and numbers, we’ve got a range of services designed to help.

  • Blind or visual impairment

    If you’re blind, have sight-impairment or difficulty reading, we can give you large-print, Braille and audio paperwork and other tools.

  • How do I find a document in Barclays Cloud It?

    This depends if you’re using the Online Banking or Barclays Mobile Banking version of Barclays Cloud It. We’ll cover both options here.

  • Coronavirus and your Barclayloan

    If coronavirus has affected your income and you’re worried about your Barclayloan payments, here’s how we might be able to help.

  • Take care of your credit score

    Buying a house or owning a business might not be on your radar right now, but you should still manage your money today to prepare for your future plans.

  • Recruitment

    Join four exciting UK entrepreneurs as they explore the topic of recruitment.

  • Coronavirus and your overdraft

    What we’re doing to help you during the coronavirus outbreak if you have an arranged overdraft with us, or want to apply for one.

  • Livestock and arable industry news

    Oliver McEntyre gives his insight into all things farming, from arable and livestock to finance – and everything in between.

  • Our app for children

    If you're aged 11-15 with a BarclayPlus account, get our award-winning app to check your balance and move money between your accounts.

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