What if I have a problem with the goods or services purchased with a Barclays Visa debit card?

If something’s not quite right with a purchase you made using your Barclays Visa debit card, we may be able to help you get your money back.

Things we may be able to help with:

  • You haven’t received the goods or services you’ve purchased 
  • The company has ceased trading before delivering your items
  • The goods or services are defective, or don’t meet the written description

If you haven’t already, you should try to resolve the problem with the company or retailer where you made the purchase.

Please make sure you send a request to us within 120 days of discovering the problem, or 540 days from the transaction date – whichever comes first. We may not be able to help you get your money back outside of this time period. These timescales may change depending on the nature of your query.

Any help we can offer is governed by the Visa Europe cardholder chargeback terms and conditions. These do not affect your legal or statutory rights.

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