Question 6 of 11 about Confirmation of Payee

How can I help make sure my payment goes to the right person, first time?

Here are some tips for using ‘Confirmation of Payee’, whether you’re paying an individual or a business

  • Always use the first and last name of anyone you want to pay (for joint accounts, we’ll accept the full name of either individual)
  • If you’re paying a business or a charity check which name to use, as some may have different registered and trading names
  • Don’t use nicknames, shortened versions of the name or just initials
  • If you know (or think) someone uses a different name, such as being known by their middle name, ask which one they use for their account
  • Check how to spell the name if you’re not sure
  • Only include the account name in the ‘account name’ field, don’t add any other information such as what the payment is for or the name of the bank
  • If someone has recently changed their name, check which name they use for their bank account

Watch our video to see how to make a payment.